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Voltaire Group, founded in 2010, is a group of French saddlers that has become one of the world leaders in high-end sports saddlery thanks to its bold innovation strategy.

Voltaire Group is: 6 brands (including Forestier, Voltaire Design and Equisense), 200 employees worldwide, 5 subsidiaries, 12 countries where the saddles are distributed and 85% of the turnover realized in export. A resolutely modern Group that places its social responsibility at the very heart of its corporate mission with the objective of “Release your potential to perform”.

Six brands under the same roof

Voltaire Design

Sporty & Smart

Founding brand of the group, the adventure began in 2010 in a garage in Espelette. Nicknamed “the Louboutin of saddlery” by the American press at its inception, the brand has become in record time leader in the United States and England.



Forestier Sellier

Amazing rebirth

Founded in 1950 by Jean Forestier, the brand is a guarantee of quality and French know-how.  In 2016, Maison Forestier joined the Voltaire Group and developed in the sport with the objective of improving the performance of the horse/rider couple.




Stay connected

Founded in 2014 with the idea of revolutionizing the world of horseback riding through connected objects, Equisense joined Voltaire Group in 2020 with the aim of developing and designing the saddles of tomorrow.



Rebelle Sellier

Revolutionary idea

Aware of the cost of a new saddle and to adapt to the needs of its various customers, Voltaire Groupe launched the Rebelle brand in 2015, offering high-end sport saddles 40% cheaper and without intermediaries.




Bargain second hand market

Founded in 2015, Equitack offers used saddles to fit any budget through a website and store in New Jersey.



Stella Saddlery

Wester saddle designed with comfort and customization

Wester saddle designed with comfort and customization




Release your potential to perform

Join us


Innovation, our vision

In 2016, Voltaire Group was the first saddler in the world to launch a connected saddle.
In 2019, Voltaire Group was the first major saddler in the world to manufacture saddles with non-toxic water-based glues.

Whether innovation is technological or ecological, it’s an integral part of the company’s DNA. That’s why an unusual number of engineers, project managers, prototypists and computer developers make up the company’s Research and Development Department. Two patents have already been filed by the company and the best is yet to come.

Craftsmanship, our legacy

Driven by the desire to reinvent a traditional industry, the Group specializes in high-end, custom-made sport saddles. Craftsmanship is at the heart of the Voltaire Group’s activity, each craftsman is trained in-house and develops a unique know-how.

Each saddle is individually handcrafted as a unique numbered product. The love of a job well done and passion characterize our craftsmen.

Sport and performance, our driving force

Voltaire Group equips many champions around the world:

  • Beezie Madden, Olympic medalist and two-time World Champion, equipped with Voltaire Design
  • Oliver Townend, World number one in eventing, equipped with Voltaire Design 
  • Tina Cook, Olympic medalist, equipped with Voltaire Design 
  • Nicolas Touzaint, Olympic Champion, World Champion and European Champion, equipped with Forestier 
  • Christopher Six, Olympic eventer, equipped with Forestier

More than 10 riders in the world’s top 100 show jumpers use Voltaire Group saddles every day and in competition. Today, they are the pride and success of our group, thanks to their performance and values.

Customer, our priority

Voltaire Group puts customer satisfaction at the heart of its priorities. And our riders give it back to us. With an NPS (Net Promoter Score) of 70*, our customers give us a lot of love and are ambassadors of our brands by recommending them widely. This high customer satisfaction is by far our most powerful marketing tool.

*2021 internal survey of all Voltaire Design and Forestier customers worldwide.


While the group is committed to perfection and performance, it is first and foremost a human group, resolutely focused on the development of all. It is in this mindset that the brand has adopted a voluntary approach to social and environmental responsibility since its beginnings, in line with the guidelines of ISO 26000 (the international standard for corporate social responsibility) and the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Recycling, our priority

We collaborate with the Api’up association which collects our leather offcuts and waste in order to recycle them. In 2020, 85 collections resulted in the gathering of 20 tons of waste, including 13 tons of leather. 100% of this waste was recycled. In this way, Groupe Voltaire has helped to support 28 local jobs.

Voltaire Group is also committed to recycling its employees’ cigarette ends and has therefore joined the Tree6clope association, which collects the ends and feeds them into a recycling network that transforms them into street furniture.

One saddle sold = 1 tree planted, our commitment

In partnership with Planète Urgence, the Group plants a tree for each saddle sold. Today, 20,000 trees have already been planted thanks to the Group.

Equal opportunities for all, our contribution

In addition to having placed equal opportunity at the heart of its corporate strategy, Voltaire Group has supported the association Just World International since its first year. This humanitarian organization helps underprivileged children by providing them with education, training, nutrition and health programs. Voltaire Group obtains 45 out of a possible 45 in the EgaPro gender equality classification with a final result out of 100 points declared as not measurable.

Voltaire Group in figures




Export turnover



+ 33%

growth in 3 years


Dogs in the company


Olympic medals at the Tokyo Olympics

They trust us

Forestier est une belle marque française et je suis fier d'être l'un des premiers cavaliers Olympiques à porter ses couleurs. J'aime le projet de reprendre une grande marque qui était oubliée pour la remettre sur le devant de la scène

Nicolas TouzaintCavalier Forestier
Médaillé Olympique et Champion du Monde

I feel like it is comfortable, it puts me right in balance with my horse

Beezie MaddenVoltaire Design rider
Médaillée Olympique et double championne du Monde

I am massively proud to be part of the Voltaire Design Team

Oliver TownendVoltaire Design rider
n°1 mondial en Concours Complet

Saddles are so light and give my horse so much freedom of movement

Tina CookVoltaire Design rider
Médaillée Olympique

I love how comfortable the saddles Voltaire Design are

Geoff BillingtonVoltaire Design rider
cavalier de jumping Olympique

J'ai choisi Forestier car le "renouveau" de la marque m'attire beaucoup, c'est très excitant et c'est un super projet qui me correspond bien. L'ambition de la marque est similaire à la mienne, j'aime beaucoup ça! La qualité des selles est remarquable et je suis très heureux de pouvoir porter les couleurs de cette marque.L'équipe est vraiment super et je pense qu'on vivra de supers moments ensemble!

Alexis GouryCavalier Forestier
Membre de l'équipe de France de concours complet

Des produits qui allient confort et esthétique ainsi qu'un très bon service de la Team Forestier

Christopher SixCavalier Olympique de concours complet

Je me suis de suite sentie très confortable dans la selle, aucune contrainte dans la jambe avec une assise qui me fixe, j'adore! Une équipe très à l'écoute des moindres sensations et questions du cavalier

Marie DemonteCavalière Forestier
Membre de l'équipe de France de saut d'obstacle

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